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Zombie Crisis Preparedness 101

Zombies used in disaster preparedness exercises

Look out—they're coming! Zombies!

Using zombies in crisis preparedness and emergency response training is nothing new. For years, organizations and government agencies have staged exercises and trainings using zombies. And this year is no exception.

For your amusement, we present some interesting zombie crisis management exercises and a helpful infographic. Fair warning: some of the zombie information is a little graphic.

This week, a private firm is conducting a zombies disaster-crisis exercise during a counter-terrorism summit attended by military personnel, law enforcement officials, medical experts, and government workers. The training will be "hyper-realistic", including special effects and professional makeup. The U.S. Military Times has a good article about the event.

A few years ago, the "Zombie Emergency Response Operations: Information Branch" created a infographic on surviving an infestation, officially designated as Form #078-INFO-998033-2A. Click on the image to view it full size.

surviving zombie infestation

Even the U.S. Federal government has capitalized on zombie-mania.  In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control used a zombie theme for a preparedness campaign. Their "Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse" blog post tells the story.

There is no shortage of zombie disaster response examples on the Internet, and you'll find numerous videos on YouTube. There's even a Zombie Survival Guide Scanner app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

What's the most clever use of zombies in an exercise? Our pick is the University of Florida's 2009 Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercise Handbook. (PDF file)

Zombie scenarios might be silly, but they do grab people's attention and they can generate great press coverage. One thing's for sure, exercises with lurching, creepy beings are certainly not boring. What do you think of using zombies in crisis exercises?

MissionMode's easy-to-use incident management and mass notification software enables organizations to take control of zombie attacks and any other type of crisis.

Image credits: Zombie girl, U.S. Centers for Disease Control; Infographic, Zombie Emergency Response Operations
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