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Entries in risk management (5)


Risky Business at the Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games begin soon in Sochi, and there has been a good deal of news about the risk of terrorism. Risk management has become an essential part of preparing for the Games. Several recent articles examine the role of risk management at the Olympics.

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Reduce Crisis Risks by Thinking Ahead

While each organization’s list of crisis risks is bound to vary depending on factors like physical location or type of operation, all organizations can take steps to mitigate the potential damage should those risks become reality.

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Supply Chain Glitches Destroy Shareholder Value

Supply chain interruptions can destroy shareholder value

Glitches in the supply chain can cost much more than might be imagined. The impact can even affect a company's stock price or shareholder return on investment. When shareholders are not happy, look out.

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Bringing Business Home: Reshoring and Onshoring Manufacturing Part 2

When thinking about off-shoring, companies have to weigh risk versus reward. Off-shoring can reduce costs, while at the same time increasing a number of serious risks. The practice is being re-evaluated by Boards of Directors around the world. Part two of a two-part series…

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Implications of Extended Supply Chains

In simple terms, a business is its supply chain. The dependency on others is total, covering relationships with government, regulators, education, research and suppliers of products, services and logistics. This extended chain exists has been identified by many as a major source of risk to sustainable business performance...

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