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Entries in global trade (3)


Bringing Business Home: Reshoring and Onshoring Manufacturing Part 1

reshoring manufacturing is a growing trend

The rush to globalize was created by the promise of lower costs. Now, many companies are realizing that they’ve created more problems than they’ve solved. What can companies do when taking operations off-shore creates significant supply chain, cash flow and crisis management risks?

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Your Crises are My Crises: Supply Chain Risk Management Part 2

The global economy is so interconnected that a problem affecting one part of the supply chain will often have far-reaching effects. It can spark a crisis for businesses up and down the line. Paranoia is not the solution; prudent planning is...

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Collaborate or Evaporate: Supply Chain Risk Management Part 1

supply chain risk management is critical for companies of any size

Supply chain risk management affects your organization, whether you realize it or not. Understanding it can give you a competitive advantage. The impact that global trade has on your organization depends on relationships and your willingness to be community-oriented. Collaborate or evaporate.

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